The Tabernacle Tour

Face to Face with God
Tour Preparation The Tour
Introduction 16. TOUR STOP 1: Faith at The Brazen Altar
1. Church Warning 17. TOUR STOP 2: Virtue at the Laver
2. Physician's Warning 18. TOUR STOP 3: Knowledge at The Lampstand
3. Personal Heart Exam 19. TOUR STOP 4: Self-Control and The Table of Showbread
4. The Human Blueprint 20. TOUR STOP 5: Perseverance at the Altar of Incense
The Tabernacle 21. TOUR STOP 6: Godliness in the  Ark of the Covenant
5. The Tabernacle: Blueprint 22. TOUR STOP 7: Brotherly Kindness at the Mercy Seat
6. The Tabernacle: Construction Concluding the Tour
7. The Tabernacle: Supply of Materials 23. Tour Intermission
8. The Tabernacle: Bill of Materials 24. Tour Destination: FACE to FACE  with GOD
9. The Tabernacle: Furniture 25. Conclusion
10. The Tabernacle: Old and New 26. Tour Summary
Starting The Tour 27. Tour Conclusion and Continuation
11. The Tabernacle: Guided Tour  
12. Tour Guide: The High Priest The Complete Tabernacle Tour
13. Tour Map: Seven Qualities and Seven Pieces of Furniture  
14. The Tabernacle Tour  
15. Admission Ticket: Tabernacle Protocol